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"Ny hiphop-pop-pärla från Whooda Thunk"


Singer/Songwriter/Producer from Eskilstuna, Sweden

Nea is a self-taught guitarist and rising music producer with a longtime passion for creating art of various forms, music being just one of them.

In the fall of 2019, she was discovered by the owner of Swedish record label South Nation Music Group after posting her original song “Distortion” on SoundCloud. Nea Eini is releasing her debut single "Gangsta Mafia" in early 2020.

Photo by: Robin Ottosson 


Singer/Songwriter/Producer group from Kalmar, Sweden

Music: the final frontier. These are the voyages of Whooda Thunk. Their eternal mission: to explore strange new sounds, to seek out new beats and new genres, to boldly go where no man has gone before.


Based in Kalmar, Sweden, Whooda Thunk is looking to combine their influences in a sound that celebrates their love for music. By finding inspiration in everything from metal-band Korn, electronic artist Aphex Twin, to movies like Donnie Darko, Whooda Thunk manages to make something unpredictable.

Photo by: Jennie Olsson


A producer that loves everything out of the ordinary sound. He loves to combine pop with electronic, organic sounds, reggae beats and lots of rythm in his music.


He learned to play the drums and guitar from an early age and focuses on production for not only himself but other artists too.

Pop/indie pop Producer from Gothenburg, Sweden


Indie pop singer/songwriter from Helsingborg, Sweden

Karl Högmo is a 23 year old singer/songwriter & independent artist from Sweden. As a young boy he realised that playing drums in his older brother’s band was an easy task. Music came easily to him. What first was a hobby grew bigger by the years and became a passion that he still carries with him today.


Karl makes different types of music but specializes on indie pop/rock. By focusing on personal development and songwriting skills, he has found numerous ways to evolve his sound and creativity.


“Don’t Let Me Go (But Leave Me Alone)” is Karl’s third release since he debuted as an artist in January 2019.

Photo by: Noah Fernström


Trädgårdsgatan 12, Kalmar

The headquarters of South Nation Music Group is based in Kalmar, Sweden.

The studio and the office is up and running!

No upcoming events at the moment


SNM is a music company based in Sweden. We live for music production, working with artists and live events. Our passion is to build long term relationships with artists and creative companies to ensure long successful careers. We have a well-established network of people we collaborate with to maximize the impact of the music we make. If you believe that you have exceptional talent, the desire for a lifelong career in the creative industries but feel you may need some help moving forward with your career, please get in touch with us!


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Rickard Lindgren

Songwriter & Producer

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Carl Gränsmark

Songwriter & Producer

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Ole Söderberg

Owner & CEO


Phone: +46 76 273 44 05


Email: ole@southnationmusic.com

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Karl Högmo

Head of PR/Marketing &

Content Creator


Phone: +46 72 200 02 62


Email: karlhogmo@southnationmusic.com

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Mea Charlie

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