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The prominent artist Hugo Daniel has gone beyond genre limitations to create a whole new musical world. During a session in the studio, he and his producer "POLAR." came to a realization - the music they were creating could not be defined by existing genres. The result was RAGE - a sonic experience that captures the feeling of unlimited freedom regardless of the intensity of the sound. A genre in the style of freedom itself - limitless and expressive. RAGE is a tribute to everyone who dares to be themselves, break free from norms and embrace creativity without fear.


Hugo Daniel grew up in a suburb of Kalmar, where crime and disturbance were common. Despite the negative stigma that the area carried with it, Hugo emphasizes that he personally was not directly harmed by his surroundings. His own struggles were on the inside, a whirlwind of dark thoughts and emotions that dragged him down into depression. In the end, however, he has so far always managed to find his way again, which strengthened him as a person.


Hugo reflects that if it weren't for the strong family he has, which is characterized by healthy values, he too might have ended up on a destructive path. Music entered Hugo's life at a young age. At the age of six, he started playing the drums and in his teens, he learned not only to sing but also to create music. It was around the age of 14-15 that Hugo began to give life to his own musical creations, and since then that trajectory has been his companion.


RAGEFEST by Hugo Daniel

RAGEFEST by Hugo Daniel


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