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A Sweden-based singer/songwriter, producer, self-taught guitarist and rising artist with a longtime passion for creating art in all of its various forms, music being just one of them. With an over-my-dead-body attitude and disinterest in forcing her style to fit into one category only, she often refers to many of her songs as “mixed genre” or “genreless”.



A producer that loves everything out of the ordinary sound. He loves to combine pop with electronic, organic sounds, reggae beats and lots of rhythm in his music.
He learned to play the drums and guitar from an early age and focuses on production for not only himself but other artists too.

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Rule of Two


RULE of TWO is a songwriting/production force composed of Jakob Nilsson and Marcel T, who met while studying in Växjö, Sweden. Focusing on groove and strong vocals, Rule of Two’s works are painted with a mix of modern pop and unconventional colours from Jakob’s and Marcel’s contrasting backgrounds - rock and punk meet musical and pop, giving a fresh edge to contemporary music in both topline and production.

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