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Brand new release from Swedish artist "Sain-T"! The title and sound of "WHOO!" just gets you going into a "MOSHPIT" state of mind! I can really picture this track and artist performing live in front of big crowds at stadiums and arenas. The energy from Sain-T makes you wanna do something crazy and you just wonder where he gets it from. Born and raised in Kalmar, Sweden and with visions compared to the likes of Travis Scott and Yung Lean, he can make all of Swedish Hip-Hop scene stand out even more in new areas like never before! Worth to mention is that it is definitely a new sound in Hip-Hop and I have a feeling that this is only the beginning. The track is written, recorded and produced by Hugo Alvunger and our own creator "SØDR"! Video created by Max Bruhn. Stay tuned for more music from this talented artist. I know I will!

"WHOO!" is about how important it is to continue working to achieve your goal despite the setbacks you face. If you give up, you easily get caught up in the negative that leads you in the wrong direction. Therefore, you should always push yourself further no matter what. Personally, I have gone through the same process and I think many can relate. // Sain-T




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