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NEA EINI releases her 5th single "I'm Game" November 8th! These corona times have been pushing the industry to its knees but we've been focusing all that frustration and energy towards the studio and creation process instead. NEA EINI's next single is a result of that and one of 7 songs that have been finished in a five-month period. Many hours have been spent perfecting the track, so stay tuned for her next single and many more after that!

Nea's own words about her next single.

“I’m game” has me visualizing the tall buildings, the clubs, and corner shops embellished with neon signs on the brightly lit streets of Miami. Sleepless cities and busy nightlife. I’m picturing women in colorful bodysuits and oversized denim jackets, funky leg warmers, and hairs iconically cripped. People blowing their money on blowing their noses. I wasn’t around during the eighties, but I’ve been told: “the drugs were better and the parties were totally radical”.

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